My Clients

An important attribute of any quality chauffeur is demonstrating absolute discretion whenever driving clients. Many of my clients are referrals from existing clients that would not entrust me with driving their friends, family or business associates if they considered me to be indiscreet. I have a diversity of clients with a diversity of requirements. The old saying goes “you will never please all of the people all of the time” but with clients ranging from PA’s to Heads of State I must be getting it right for many! You may be the next client I welcome to London?

Corporate clients

My corporate clients range from companies to individuals. I have clients from industries such as Formula 1 and Motorsport, Cosmetics, Fashion, Music, Film, TV, Oil and Gas and Aviation. The requirements of most corporate clients range from an airport transfer to assisting with the transport logistics for conferences, official visits and roadshows. Some corporate clients will request chauffeurs to drive their “in house” chauffeur vehicles when the company or personal chauffeur is off sick or on holiday. Another role entrusted to us is to pose as the “company chauffeur” when meeting clients of clients arriving into London.

Film industry clients

I was privileged to be chauffeur to filmscore composer the late John Barry, OBE for some twelve years or more. I gained considerable experience of Abbey Road and Air Studios with Mr Barry and for the last twelve years with filmscore composer Mr Hans Zimmer. I have driven for well over a hundred actors ranging from Joan Collins to George Clooney on umpteen film Premieres including Star Wars, James Bond, Harry Potter and Batman. 

I may be required to drive clients to a film studio or sound stage at Pinewood or Shepperton, to location filming such as Batman’s Gotham City stage at Cardington Hangars. Press junkets, TV appearances, screenings and of course West End premieres. I am a former member of FUDG, the (Film Unit Drivers Guild) and often utilise contacts in Talent handling and security. My experience of location filming includes being filmed myself with the S Class for the latest Eurostar promotional film.

Music Industry Clients

Telstar Records were my first music industry clients shortly followed by Total Records, BMG and Decca. I have been assigned to music industry ‘talent’ such as Leslie Garrett, Natalie Imbruglia, Tom Jones and Ute Lempur. I worked on the Brit Awards and London concerts with U2 and  The Spice Girls Tour.

Fashion Industry clients

I have experience of the fashion industry having worked with Haute Couture dress designers to Supermodels. I have driven for several of the leading names in fashion on London Fashion Week. In 2010 I was hired by Isabell Kristensen to drive her together with a German TV film crew filming a documentary about her for the duration of Royal Ascot. Ms Kristensen wore a variety of hats during the event.

Celebrity clients

I have “celebrity” clients.  Some are ‘A List’ celebrities and some still aspire to be. Some welcome the attention of the Papparazzi but many of my female clients prefer not to be pushed and shoved entering or leaving a restaurant or club. I am always complimented when certain celebrity clients decline a complimentary car offered by their film or TV company in preference for having me drive them.

Embassies & High Commissions

For some years I have worked for assorted Embassies and High Commissions having initially gained the required experience in the early days of my chauffeuring career driving on Ministerial visits for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

My father was born in Saskatchewan, Canada and having several Canadian clients I always welcome any opportunity to drive for my friend and colleague on VIP visits for the Canadian High Commission in London. Mostly official visits by the Governor General or Primeminister I drove for the Canadian High Commission on the G20 summit in London.

I always enjoy driving for the London based Ambassador to Monaco and members of the Monaco Royal family. A highlight of driving HSH Prince Albert and HSH Princess Charlene on UK visits was on the Royal wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton.I have driven for the French, Irish, Italian, American, Indian and Brunei Embassies and for such dignitaries as the Governor General of Canada and the former Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr Koffi Annan.

F1 and Motorsport

I have driven numerous stars of Formula One including Jensen Button, Lewis Hamilton, Pedro De La Rosa, Adrian Newey, Ron Dennis, Martin Whitmarsh and not forgetting the legendary Mr Murray Walker. An example of an enjoyable day at work is driving Lewis Hamilton down to Dunsfold to join Top Grear’s The Stig driving guests of Vodafone for a Hot Laps Day being driven in Mercedes SLR. I provided chauffeurs and vehicles for the opening of McLaren’s Technolgy Centre near Woking driving directors of McLaren and guests from sponsors such as Michelin and Mercedes.

The son of a client who is passionate about Formula One owns Silverstone based Team STATUS Racing. I thoroughly enjoy sharing the excitement of a day at the Silverstone circuit watching the team on test days. STATUS Racing compete in the GP3 and the Le Mans series.

Congratulations to Team STATUS for wining the 2012 GP3 Monaco Grand Prix!