I resist being too formal with Terms and Conditions but offer some reminders and advice for your guidance.


Any costs incurred as a consequence of incidents such as those listed below may be charged to the hirer. Any consequential loss of income whilst the vehicle is removed from service will be calculated and may be charged.
  • Damage caused to the vehicle by negligence or lack of care by any passenger.
  • Sickness resulting in valeting charges.
  • UK seatbelt laws apply to all passengers. Private Hire regulations do not insist on use of child-seats but The Highway Code suggests it is “the driver’s responsibility” to ensure youngsters under 14 years are in an appropriate restraint such as an infant, child-seat or booster seat. Client’s requiring a child seat may request one at the booking stage. Clients are welcome to use their own child-seat provided no sharp edges are likely to damage the interior.
  • Please discourage children from standing on the seats or kicking the seat backs of the front seats.
  • Damage caused to a vehicle’s interior or bodywork by items such as briefcases, handbags, belt buckles, jean studs and rivets, keys, laptops, phones or leaking pens.
  • Damage to the glass caused by jewellery such as diamond rings, watches or cameras.
  • Takeaway foods such as fish and chips, burgers and curries are not welcomed in any vehicle.
  • Drinks spillages such as champagne, coffee or children’s fruit juice. I accept no responsibility if a passenger is scalded or clothes soiled by drink spillages whilst the vehicle is in motion. Complementary water is supplied.
  • Damage caused by a passenger opening a door against another vehicle, kerb, wall or street furniture.
  • Damage caused by a passenger leaning against or sitting on a vehicle.
  • Damage caused by placing objects such as briefcases, handbags or luggage on a vehicle.
  • Damage caused by a passenger electing to load or unload luggage.
  • No additional passenger will be carried in any vehicle that exceeds the maximum amount Licensed and Insured.
  • Smoking is prohibited under UK law.
  • Client’s that are not ready to leave the car when it stops to set down may result in your chauffeur electing to circle the block.

 Airport transfers.

Whenever possible please communicate your booking by email to me at robert@rachauffeurs.com. I can then respond with chauffeur, meet and greet and vehicle details along with an estimation of costs.

Bookings to meet a flight arrival should be made using the Arrival date not the Departure date. Flights that include a stop on route may change flight number for the final leg to London.

Please advise what you wish indicated on any nameboard and provide a suitable contact cellphone number.

Please agree how and where you wish to be met on arrival. Meet and Greet services and Porters can be booked in advance.

Please advise if you become delayed in Customs and Immigration due to a lost bag or other delay. We expect to meet arriving clients within an hour of landing before concerns start to arise. A Public Address announcement will be made before leaving the airport.

Flight Arrivals will be monitored for adjustments to the arrival time. We will meet flights based on the expected arrival time as indicated two hours before the scheduled arrival time.

Please advise if you are travelling with any item or lugagge that is likely to exceed the boot capacity of the booked vehicle. People Carriers (minivans) can be utilised when carrying items such as skis, shotguns or golf clubs.

Please specify at the booking stage if an infant seat, child seat or booster cushion is required.

Cancellation charges are discretionary. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the start of any hire will incur a cancellation charge unless an alternative hire becomes available.

Diverted and missed flights will be treated as cancellations and charged at the appropriate airport transfer rate.

I get irritated observing arriving passengers pacing up and down searching for their driver who may have misjudged coinciding his arrival time with that of his passenger. I overhear telephone conversations time after time that start ” We were expecting to be met” or “where are you?” We aim to arrive at the airport as the flight arrives not as you enter the Arrivals Hall.

Chauffeur and vehicle guidelines

I enjoy driving the majority of my clients. If I am not available to drive you personally it is likely to be for logistical reasons. You will appreciate that a Day Hire is more appealing than an Airport transfer. Most of the chauffeurs I supply are not just colleagues but personal friends that I enjoy a reciprocal working relationship with. If you are displeased by a particular chauffeur, his manner, or driving style feel free to discuss that dissatisfaction with me so that the chauffeur may be made aware for the benefit of  his future clients. Explanations will be advised.

Please discuss route options with your chauffeur but assume he has prepared a route taking into account likely congestion and roadworks. Unlike cab drivers we are required to drive to any part of London including “south of the river” the home counties and much of the UK. As chauffeurs we therefore require a much broader and general “knowledge” than cab drivers whose knowledge is more localised. A lot of our knowledge is gained from client’s sharing their “local” knowledge for their area. Most of us are not too proud to admit we will never know it all.

I monitor satellite mapping throughout the journey for advanced warning of traffic delays and alternative routes in the event of a road closure. I also monitor the calculated arrival time at our destination.

The nearside rear seat offers the most legroom in the UK. Clients wishing to “upgrade” to the front seat are welcome on the understanding they resist adjusting the heating and ventilation controls or the sound system. Clients wishing to read a broadsheet newspaper are requested to remain in the rear of the vehicle to avoid obstructing your chauffeur’s nearside mirror checks.

For client and other roaduser’s safety your chauffeur will attend the passenger’s door that opens into traffic. Please avoid opening a door into traffic unless cleared to do so by your chauffeur. Cyclists and other vehicles may be passing closer than you think. If you open a door on the kerbside be aware of passing pedestrians and street furniture please?

On arrival at your destination if the vehicle is causing an obstruction whilst waiting for you to leave the car, your chauffeur may elect to circle the block so as to avoid PCN’s and the wrath of London’s drivers. If your chauffeur determines that you may wish to complete a phone call prior to leaving the car he will pause in a suitable space a little short of the destination address.

All chauffeurs will offer you their name to avoid being addressed as “driver”.

As it is your chauffeur’s responsibility to check the vehicle for any lost property it will be returned to you free of charge . Any incurred shipping costs will be charged.

Your vehicles and drivers are licensed by the PCO (Public Carriage Office) in London or equivalent local authority who ensure vehicles and chauffeurs are CRB checked, hold the correct driving license, are medically fit and their vehicles well maintained and insured.

I choose AVIVA, formerly Norwich Union as my Private Hire insurance provider.

My vehicles have breakdown assistance cover wit the AA (Automobile Association).

My vehicles are maintained by Mercedes dealerships and specialists. Vehicles undergo MOT inspections at least twice a year. All tyres fitted to my vehicles are new, not part worn, from recognised tyre manufacturers and have the appropriate speed and load ratings for the vehicle. Tyres are generally replaced rather than repaired.

I have held a clean UK car and PSV 1 driving license since 1982. As chauffeurs we will make every effort to make up lost time but cannot be expected to break speed and other traffic laws in order to do so. Always remember it is better to be “Mr Smith late” than the “late Mr Smith”.

Clients with specific instructions or preferences will help us ensure their chauffeur provides the level of service they desire if their preferences are raised at the booking stage. We appreciate not all client’s appreciate conversation, too much servility or air conditioning.