Client Testimonials

“I have known Robert Armstrong for 15 years and during that time he has always displayed dedication to his role and to his clients. He always does his utmost to ensure that trips are well handled and run smoothly. His geographical knowledge is of great use. He is able to think outside the box if there are some deviations to the original agenda and more importantly I know that I can rely on Robert to get the job done. It is always a pleasure to work with him.”

Lesley Enoch, Estee Lauder

“Reference Robert Armstrong: On recommendations Linkedin only allows you to tick 3 of the available 7 boxes, if I could, I would have ticked all of them.

Robert, is all of those categories and more………..I had the pleasure of meeting Robert when I was starting off in business and he was there for me every step of the way. Through my early days of business life, Robert looked after me and more importantly all of my clients, (many of which were high profile celebrities).

When my wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Robert was at hand to drive her, to any destinations, from the Cromwell Hospital. She needed to be “everywhere & anywhere” (Those were her calls and Robert was always there and delivered)

Robert, gives you a professional chauffeuring service and cars that we would expect. Till the next time……………LOL”

James Dunning